Rental Instructions

General Rules:

  • Please treat the house with respect and care as you would your own.
  • Sunset Shores is a non-smoking house. Violations may result in loss of security deposit.
  • All pets are strictly prohibited. Violations may result in loss of security deposit.
  • Please keep outside noise to a respectful level, especially after dark.
  • Children under 16 years old should not be left unattended on the premises (inside or outside).
  • Legal fireworks may be used lakeside prior to 9pm at renter’s own risk and liability. All firework debris must be removed by renter. Fireworks may not be used on the dock or near the house.


  • Have an adult, 21 or over, pick up your key from Dockside Realty, at the interesction of Kentucky Springs Rd. and Courthouse Rd. (208). The exact address of Dockside Realty is 11006 Kentucky Springs Rd, Mineral, VA 23117, and it is in a Food Lion shopping center. The driving distance from Dockside Realty to Sunset Shores is 9.7 miles, about a 13 minute drive.
  • Upon arrival, you’ll probably want to set the thermostats (inside & on the hot tub) to your liking.


  • In general, please leave the house in the same clean condition in which you found it.
  • If you moved any furniture, please return it to its original location.
  • Please make all beds with the bed spreads & mattress pads. Return the blankets to the closet.
  • Please wipe down the kitchen counters & dining room table, and wash & stow all dishes.
  • Please empty all trash receptacles. For details on trash removal see the trash section below.
  • Please set the hot tub to 100 degrees. During Daylight Savings Time (summer), please set the A/C on cool at 75 degrees. During Standard Time (winter), please set the heat to 55 degrees.
  • Please close and lock all windows and doors, and return the key to Dockside Realty.

What to Bring:

  • Bed linens (3 queens, 1 full, 1 twin), bath & beach towels, dish towels, toiletries, soap, flashlight. Optionally, linens are available from Dockside Realty for a small additional fee.
  • Toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels, napkins (a starter supply is provided), and detergent.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, fishing equipment, water toys, life jackets, books, DVD’s, games

Locations of various items:

  • Fire extinguishers are in the laundry room closet (w/ a first-aid kit) and under the kitchen sink.
  • A vacuum cleaner, broom & dustpan, mop, and carpet cleaner are in the laundry room closet.
  • In the north hallway closet you’ll find spare light bulbs and paper products. The paper products are stocked for the benefit of many renters, so please do not use more than your starter allotment. You are on your honor to replenish anything taken from this closet beyond your complimentary starter supply (2 rolls TP, 1 box Kleenex, 1 roll paper towels).
  • Check the bedroom and hallway closets for fans, port-a-crib, booster seat, a baby swing, step stool, extra blankets and pillows.
  • The chaise-lounges are kept on the deck when not in use. Please do not leave them by the lake.


  • Launch for $10 at the nearby Lake Anna Marina (which you will pass on the way to the house).
  • The Sunset Shores dock has moorings for up to 3 boats. The dock’s MLW varies from 3-8 feet.
  • Our 2-person sea kayak is available for your use during summer season. You must sign a liability waiver at check-in. Children who cannot swim should not use the sea kayak. Life jackets are required.

Gas Fireplace (Winter / Standard Time only):

  • The gas fireplace is lit by the flick of a light-switch, to the right of the fireplace.
  • The other switch starts the fan which circulates the fireplace heat.
  • If the gas runs out or if the pilot light goes out, please call Quarles Energy at 877-356-3798 for next-day propane refill service. The account number is 410291.


  • If you use the gas grill, please close the propane tank nozzle when finished, to prevent leakage.
  • A spare propane tank is located in the garage. If you swap the tanks please tell the rental agent.
  • Please cover the gas grill after allowing it to cool down. Do not leave it uncovered overnight.
  • We have a fire circle near the lake for open air camp fires. Open air fires are unlawful before 4pm. You may need to collect some fallen twigs or branches to build a fire. Please be sure the fire is extinguished completely using a bucket and lake water to put it out. Carefully turn over all logs and soak them on both sides.

Hot Tub:

  • The hot tub is intended for adults. Teenagers are allowed only if supervised by an adult. Under no circumstances should children under age 13 use the hot tub.
  • Please shower before using the hot tub. Please be careful not to track dirt, mud, sand, grass clippings, leaves, or other “yard debris into the hot tub. Please keep it covered when not in use.
  • For safety, continuous hot tub use should be limited to 20 minutes per sitting, up to 3 times a day.
  • Pregnant women must not use the hot tub under any circumstances. The elderly should consult a doctor first. People with open wounds or sores may not use the hot tub under any circumstances.
  • Smoking and eating are prohibited in the hot tub. Please take care not to spill drinks in the hottub.
  • Upon arrival you may wish to turn up the temperature immediately because it may take a few hours to get up to 100. The maximum temperature is 104. A lower setting is recommended.
  • Each day you use the hot tub, you are advised to add a tablespoon of chlorine powder, and a tablespoon of oxidizing shock powder. These are located in the supply closet. Allow the jets to mix it in for a few minutes before you use.
  • Please do not allow the water level to dip below the filter intake. To add water, use the hose around the corner of the house. If you need to add significant quantities of water, please alert the rental agent because it may require a balancing of pH and water hardness.

Phone, Mail and Internet:

  • The landline telephone number is 540-895-0985. AT&T and Verizon cell coverage is good; T-Mobile might not work.
  • Outbound long distance is not provided. Please bring a calling card or cell phone for your long distance calls.
  • USPS inbound mail is on hold but outbound mail can be sent. UPS & FedEx deliver to the house.
  • Free WiFi internet access is provided. The service is cellular (3G) based…so don’t expect blazing speed. It should be fine for checking email, news, or light VPN/work access, but not fast enough for YouTube or Netflix. The password is posted on the refrigerator.


  • Tall kitchen trash bags with drawstrings are provided under the kitchen sink. Please bag all trash.
  • Upon departure please bag all trash (kitchen and bathroom) and place it in the outside garbage cans (front porch, left). Please do not put any loose or leaky trash into these trash cans.

Satellite TV:

  • DirecTV is provided on all three TV’s, and includes Washington DC locals channels. Pay-per-view is disabled.
  • The DirecTV remotes are set to also control their respective TV’s. Please do not swap them.

Off-limits areas:

  • The inside of the boat house is strictly off limits to all renters. Trespassing is grounds for eviction without refund. The boat inside the boathouse is for the private use of the owners and cannot be started without the proper keys. The boat lift and garage door are deactivated. Any attempts to operate the boat lift, boat garage door, or boat will be treated as criminal activity.
  • The owner’s closet in the master bedroom is locked under a separate key and is for the owner’s maintenance equipment. Please leave the light switch off. You can still use the other MBR closet.
  • The two large sheds on the north side of the house are off limits and are to remain locked.

Tips to avoid nuisance problems: